The waiting Room is an immersive experience which explores the process of cryonics and the transformations it might cause if the process were to be successfully executed.





The film The waiting Room takes place in Sun City, Arizona, a retirement community reserved for people  age 55 and over. Elsa the narrator works as a handywoman there; she observed the residents all day long, she knows she has a mission and she will do it soon...



Cryonics is getting more and more members every year. What if one day human become eternal? How the ethical and moral boundaries we know today would change?

Today there are around 400 people that are cryopreserved in the world. Cryonics is the process of storing human corpses at -196°C in hopes that future scientific and medical breakthroughs will enable the successful reanimation of the deceased subject. Even though there are Cryonic believers in a lot of countries, this process only exists in the USA and Russia.

Alcor Life Extension Foundation is one of the biggest cryonics foundations in the USA.

30 minutes away from the fondation, you can find Sun City.  Developed in the ‘60s, this gated community is the first one of it’s kind, with strict rules, healthy living, specifically designed for an aging population. We could say it followed the Cryonics lifestyle, as the healthier you are before dying, the better you will be when you wake-up.

Margaux Janin sees Sun City as the waiting room of Alcor. 

Let’s assume that one day Cryonics will work. Every timeline we know today would change, and we wouldn’t be afraid of dying anymore, we’ll just be waiting for it, and dying wouldn’t be an end, but a new beginning. This would affect how we see life and death, but also challenge our ethical and moral boundaries. With this project, Margaux Janin wanted to push those boundaries and play with the ambiguity it can create.

Elsa, the main character and the narrator of the movie, killed people she thought to be members of Alcor. Yet, by doing so, did she kill them?

The answer to this question depends on your belief in Cryonics but also on your perception: it’s the tugging between technophilia: an accurate belief in Technology and Technophobia: mistrust in the same technology. 

Video length: 14’32’’

Photography: Raphaëlle Mueller


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